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tunnckoCore Recurring Donation

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tunnckoCore Recurring Donation

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I love Free/Libre & Open Source and for more than 6 years I'm developing and maintaining a massive number of Open Source projects, which as of October 2020 are around 480 npm packages and their respective GitHub repositories.

I also participate in other small and big projects like JSTransformers, date-fns, the Conventional Commits specification, Conventional Changelog, Node Formidable (one of the maintainers), MicroJS (maintainer). Through the years I also organized the Datetime & RegexHQ GitHub organizations, where we collaborate and maintain date & time utilities and regular expressions, with some of the biggest names in Open Source world - Jon Schlinkert, Addy Osmani, Mathias Bynens, John Otander and more.

Combined, my software has ~80 million downloads per month (and growing at a fast pace) and is used by some small and big projects & companies - such as:

* RenovateBot - Automated dependency updates
* CodeceptJS - Modern Era Acceptance Testing Framework
* OrientJS - Official OrientDB driver for node.js
* Decentraland - OSS, decentralized virtual world on the blockchain
* Aragon.org - Unstoppable decentralized organizations on Etherium
* Truffle Suite - World class development environment for blockchain dapps (decentralized applications) and smart contracts
* Strapi - Open source Headless CMS to build modern APIs
* SeekOSS, leboncoin, ElectronForge
and many more

The main focus of my software packages is on developer experience, automation, testing, and tooling.

Just to clarify, all of these projects are well tested with 100% test coverage, amazing documentation, following best linting & formatting practices (Airbnb, StandardJS and Prettier), enabled continuous integration, automated publishing and so on. It's though, yea.

I've spent endless hours contributing back to the Open Source community with debugging, opening pull requests, answering and asking questions.

Check my GitHub Profiles: @tunnckoCore and @tunnckoCoreLabs

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